Hallowed_Half_MarathonSole Dimensions and the Hallowed 1/2 Marathon and 10k are pleased to announce a free 12 week training program to help you prepare for the 13.1 miles. There will also be a 6 week training program for those interested in preparing for the 10k distance.

The 1/2 marathon program is geared for people who can comfortably run or run/walk at least 3 miles, 3 times a week.

The 10k training program will start at week 6 of the 1/2 marathon training program, and assumes the runner can or run/walk run 2 miles, at least 2 times a week.

We will provide a detailed, but easy to follow training plan that requires the runner to run twice during the week, usually Tuesday and Thursday, followed by the Saturday group long run. The Saturday long run is the key to building the cardiovascular and skeletal endurance to complete 13.1 miles or 10k. First time runners and runners who are 35-40 and older, and any runner with a history of cardiac or respiratory issues, or serious illness should consider consulting with their physician prior to increasing their physical activity.

The weekend long runs will be a relaxed and casual group training run. The long run distance will increase gradually over the course of the program,, but you can run or run/walk at what ever pace you feel comfortable doing. We will try to use a rotation of 3-4 different training routes with different starting points, so there is some variety in the terrain and scenery. We might try to do a run or two at Umstead Park to prepare people for the “Hallowed Hills” if people are interested.

This complimentary program is not a coaching program, but a relaxed, no pressure running group overseen by a number of experienced runners who will be more than happy to share hints, running tips and their personal experiences.

History has shown that when people signup and participate in group runs, especially the weekly long run, everyone is more motivated and feel a responsibility to attend, therefor supporting their fellow runners, and the group as a whole.

This program is open to novice as well as experienced runners looking for a casual Saturday group long run.

The Saturday long runs will typically start at 7:00am while it is still relatively cool during the warm months, and so the runners can still have the majority of their Saturday free for other activities.


*Waiver is required for participation in this and any of our training programs.

All participants in Half Marathon must be able to run 3 miles without walking. All 10k participants must run-walk 2 miles and run 1 mile without walking.

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The fourth annual Hallowed Half Marathon and 10k Event by Signature Races, promises to deliver Halloween fright and goose bumps like never before. The half marathon course will start at the Factory and encompass the downtown Wake Forest and Heritage area. The 10K course is an out and back through Heritage. The courses have rolling hills with some spooky fun adventures along the way.