OTC Orthotics

SoleDimesnions understands that you have a busy life and sometime the best solution is the convenient solution. That's why we carry a variety of over the counter orthotics.



littleSTEPSĀ® Gait Plates are specifically designed for kids to deliver a prescription based correction, closely matching the criteria of UCBL devices. The ONLY Pre-fabricated Gait Plate on the market! Encourages Toeing out gait  See more details.



Coming Soon! Sole Supports provides custom orthotics to solve a miriad of foot and posture ailments, including, but not limited to Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Spurs, and Big Toe Arthritis. See more details.



Standard and orthotic insoles as well as shoe and skin care products, manufactured in the USA. See more details.



Aetrex is a global leader in comfort shoes, womens shoes, othotics and wellness products. Aetrex designs their products with fashion, function and quality at the forefront. See more details.