Take the NEXT STEP in Foot Orthotic Design . . . The QUADRASTEPSYSTEM® of custom to foot type orthotics for adults offers:

  • 6 prefabricated foot orthoses biomechanically tailored to each foot type
  • An easy to learn 4 step assessment process to identify 6 specific foot types
  • No casting/impressions/scans required, immediate patient results!

The QUADRASTEP SYSTEM® is based on a clinical assessment algorithm which identifies and differentiates the structural and functional aspects of the foot into 6 specific foot “types”.

Each foot type influences not only the patients gait but the conditions and pathologies which may affect them throughout their lives.

The QUADRASTEP SYSTEM® approach to prescribing prefabricated functional foot orthoses is easy to use and brings immediate improvement to patients’ symptoms. The 4 steps to selecting a device with the correct features are based on many years of clinical experience and scientifically researched evidence.


QUADRASTEP® orthoses are manufactured from an injection molded thermoplastic compound which has a unique combination of strength with a “soft-edge” feel which gives incredible support while maintaining high patient comfort and therefor improving patient compliance. The devices are a single piece incorporating all of the required postings, recesses and heel cup/sidewall heights to effectively treat the specific foot type diagnosed requiring no additional adjustments.



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