[Ellie Penner]

Ellie Penner

Certified Pedorthist Ellie Penner is founder and owner of Sole Dimensions. She personally meets with her clients to provide individual foot assessments and the recommendation and fit of athletic, casual and dressy footwear.

Sole Dimensions focuses on the art and practice of designing, making, modifying and fitting shoes for maximizing sports performance and relieving painful or disabling conditions of the feet. This is known as pedorthic care.

Ellie earned a Bachelor of Science degree in kinesiology from the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada. She began her career with a foot center where she gained intensive training in foot mechanics, footwear, and orthotics. Canadian Podiatrist Dr. Glenn Copeland was her mentor and inspired and instilled in Ellie a passion and love for pedorthics.

Ellie operated her own facility called Healthy Feet in Ottawa, Canada for eight years before moving to the U.S. in the late 1990s.

Ellie pursued her U.S. pedorthic certification by training at the Dr. Scholl School of Podiatric Medicine in Chicago and soon passed the exam to become a certified pedorthist. She first opened Sole Dimensions in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, before relocating to the Raleigh area. In 2009, she opened Sole Dimensions in Wake Forest and moved to the store’s  larger location in 2014.

In her spare time, she attends local running and triathlon group events, sponsors several races in the area, and can often be seen cycling around Wake Forest on her road bike. Ellie grew up playing hockey and is a huge Canes fan. She is an inspirational and sought after speaker and proponent of wellness. She is a member of the Wake Forest Chamber of Commerce, Women in Networking of Wake Forest, North Wake Leads Group, Wake Forest Area Runners, and The Pedorthic Footcare Association.

“I developed a love for pedorthics upon the realization that I could play an important role in keeping people active and healthy. Many of us are born with less than perfect foot and leg alignment. Understanding our own biomechanics allows us to make better footwear and foot support choices both to treat and prevent pain. The rewards that come from helping someone run their first 5K, their tenth marathon or to just walk around the block pain-free are priceless to me.”   -Ellie Penner, certified pedorthist and founder of Sole Dimensions


[Linda Griggs-Horstman]

Linda Griggs-Horstman is a Patient Care Specialist. She works primarily with the senior population, fitting diabetic and orthopedic shoes. She has been working with Ellie at Sole Dimensions since early 2011. Linda’s day always starts with an early trip to the YMCA where her and her husband take part in rigorous morning workouts. She spends her weekends hiking and biking in the mountains and has a great love for the outdoors.

Linda is an educational presenter and is always available to provide presentations to Seniors Clubs, Groups, or Living Facilities.

Linda is the president of Women in Networking of Wake Forest, a member of the Wake Forest Chamber of Commerce, North Wake Leads Group, and Women Power Networking.