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    Sole Dimensions beat out some tough competition this year to win the Wake Forest Chamber of Commerce "Rising Star Business of the Year" award for 2013.

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Sole Dimensions focuses on the art and practice of designing, making, modifying and fitting shoes for maximizing sports performance and relieving painful or disabling conditions. This is known as pedorthic care.

Certified Pedorthist Ellie Penner is founder and owner of Sole Dimensions. She personally meets with her clients to provide individual  recommendations and fit of athletic, casual and dressy footwear. Ellie is an expert in alleviating foot and leg pain caused by overuse, disease, congenital defect or injury.

Ellie, an athlete herself, specializes in fitting and recommending the proper athletic shoes for any sport, specifically running. Her recommendations are based on individual foot assessment and gait analysis.

Runners develop injuries due to poor foot mechanics and by wearing the wrong shoes. One of the most common running injuries is plantar fasciitis–something Ellie sees quite often among her clients.

Sole Dimensions also specializes in custom orthotics that are casted, molded and made in Ellie’s own lab, not shipped off to an off-site manufacturer.  Arch supports can be customized to the client’s foot onsite at her Wake Forest location.

Trek through this website to learn how you can take your soles to a new dimension.


Biomechanical assessment and video gait analysis by a trained professional are excellent tools used to evaluate each individual and provide education about their structural alignment. This can help each person understand what features they require in their footwear and why they might benefit from a custom or non-custom orthotic.


Slide show photos by Angela Jamison, Communicopia

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  • New, larger storefront means more selection.

    The newly constructed building allows Sole Dimensions to offer a larger selection of running shoes, hydration/nutrition and trigger-point therapy products. A growing selection of lifestyle footwear is also available including sandals as well as casual, dressy and orthopedic-style shoes

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    Introducing the Brook's PureCadence!! It has received rave reviews from runners. This is a great shoe because it provides a light weight minimal feel yet still maintains the integrity and support that most runners need. Sole Dimensions highly recommends this shoe.

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